• Living Room
    This comfortable living room opens to the adjacent dining room to create a large entertaining area which centers on an 18th century Louis XVI Cheminee found at Chateau Domingue in Houston.  Image by Carl Mayfield.  
  • Breakfast Room
    Beautiful antique iron grills were installed in custom doors which were faux painted and distressed to appear authentically old. Paired with exquisite light fixtures, this Tanglewood home's breakfast room feels elegant and inviting.
  • Bedroom
    This campaign style guest bedroom was designed with the client’s grandson in mind.  The bedcoverings resemble a tent awning; the lightweight furniture was chosen to appear movable and the whimsical art added for a playful touch.  
  • Dining Room
    The large focal point painting for this dining room was commissioned with Robert Rector through Gremillion Fine Art to anchor the large space as well as to add color and pattern.  The antique Oriental rug found at Matt Cameron Oriental Rugs and Tapestries was the perfect scale for the room and its pale colors and rich brown details balance the art without overwhelming it. Image by Carl Mayfield.