September 10, 2014

Alex Raskin Antiques


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On a recent trip to Savannah to celebrate Sarah’s daughter’s graduation from The Savannah College of Art and Design, we were able to sneak away for a little shopping and to visit some great local eateries. We discovered an outstanding antique store located in the Historic Noble Hardee Mansion in Monterey Square.  Alex Raskin Antiques has such an inspiring collection, with four floors of antiques and furniture packed as high as it’s 15-foot-tall ceilings.


The store itself has a rich history.  It is an antique collector’s dream come true with hundreds of years of European, Colonial and American history packed into one place. The Noble Hardee Mansion is the last unrestored grand mansions in Savannah and is worth walking through even if you aren’t looking to shop.

Alex Raskin AntiquesSource

Alex Raskin Storefront

The peeling, painted walls, dusty, faded photographs and old, creaky floors all add to the character of the shop.

Alex Rasking Antique Store InteriorSource

 Alex Raskin has been in business for over 35 years, so you can only imagine the collection he has amassed. Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite pieces.




As you can see, Alex utilizes every inch of space in his store. Creatively he hangs the chairs on the walls to allow additional room for other treasures.




It is always a pleasure to stumble upon a charming shop like Alex Raskin Antiques.   Rarely do we find so many interesting pieces of early American furniture dating from the 18th and 19th century under one roof.  We can’t wait to check back with them on upcoming projects.

Listed below are our recommendations that every Savannah itinerary should include:

Forsyth Park

A stroll through Forsyth Park is a must.  Afterwards, we suggest Local 11 Ten for a bite to eat. The upscale interior of the restaurant complements their exquisite and varied menu making it a  worthwhile stop.


For a traditional Savannah eating experience, we recommend the historic Olde Pink House in Reynolds Square (within easy walking distance from Alex Raskin Antiques). This 18th century mansion provides the perfect setting to indulge in Savannah’s customary southern fare.


After dinner, be certain to stop by  Savannah’s Candy Kitchen for a Pecan Praline & Turtle Duo.


It is always a great escape, to wander the quaint cobblestone streets of Savannah, hugged by oak trees filled with Spanish moss. We love to admire the majestic architecture of this remarkable city and enjoy the welcoming people who make us feel at home each time we visit.


The “visual architectural delight of Savannah manifests itself in three distinct scales, entwined to create a visual fabric unlike any city in the United States.” — Eric Meyerhoff

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  1. What a pretty tour through Savannah you’ve shared! I’d love to check out Alex Raskin Antiques, the shop looks like it is filled with treasures! And will have to include one of those pecan pralines!! Yum!

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