January 5, 2015

Productivity & Organization in the New Year

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After a relaxing time away from work during the holiday season, we like to restructure and clean our office space to prepare for the new year ahead.  Clutter can truly impact the way you work.  If you are too disorganized, everything competes for your attention and makes it hard to focus which is why we try to make our client’s office spaces as clean, comfortable and functional as possible.

Lucas/Eilers Study

Lucas/Eilers Study

Lucas/Eilers Study

Lucas/Eilers Study

Whether you have an entire room in your house to devote to your work space or just a portion, it is important to have a place for everything.

Lucas/Eilers Study

The design and function of the space where you work is one of the most important factors for feeling professionally content and productive.  With this in mind, Lucas/Eilers dedicates an entire day to cleaning out and organizing our offices at the start of the year. It is truly a team effort and makes everyone feel energized and ready to get back to work.

Baskets and Shelves Organization

Baskets work well for keeping projects for each client organized. We store all of our fabric, wallpaper and finish samples in baskets and keep everything neatly together, labeled and easily accessible.


When everything has a place, it is easy to maintain organization. Our magazine subscriptions such as Traditional Home, Veranda, Architectural Digest, Luxe and our new favorite Milieu, are organized by year in magazine files which you can buy at the Container Store. Consistency and order make shelves more useful and visually appealing, which ultimately makes our office more productive.

Baskets for Organizing


How do you keep yourself organized at home? By designating a specific place for everything at home, you can also reduce the piles that so easily accumulate. Placing a basket for dry cleaning and laundry in your closet, or a bin in your kitchen for bills and mail or keys can give things a place and make the mounds disappear.


Source: Left, Right


Source: Left, Right

The goal of organizing is to make your life more efficient and productive, but not everyone has the talent or desire to tackle the job.  Many years ago, we were delighted to discover the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO).  We have referred many of our clients to the team at Squared Away.  Julie Hibbs, started this company in 1999, providing organizational solutions to people to reduce stress and better manage time and energy.  Whether it is your kitchen cabinets, garage, attic or home office that need attention, Squared Away can help and the results will give you a complete feeling of rejuvenation.



Wishing you an organized and productive 2015!

“A place for everything and everything in its place.”   -Benjamin Franklin

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  1. Another favorite professional organizer is Nancy Moody at Efficient Living. I will be voting for my favorite Blog today! good luck Sandy, Sarah and staff!

    1. Thank you, Melanie! We will save this company in our system. And, thank you for taking the time to vote and read our blog.

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