February 16, 2015

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The Art of Arranging a Coffee Table

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In the words of the late British designer, David Hicks,“What is important is not how valuable or inexpensive your objects are, but the care and feeling with which you arrange.”  Designers put a great deal of time and thought into artfully arranging the perfect coffee table for a client.  It gives us the opportunity to incorporate all of the principles and elements of design; especially balance, scale and proportion.  David Hicks coined the term “tablescape” and perfected this art of positioning the picture-perfect table.

Coffee Tablescapes

The accessories above are examples of items we might consider for a coffee “tablescape.”  These items share a similar green and brown colorway which makes them pleasing to the eye when placed together.  We like to gather accessories with varying shapes to break up the area, like these appealing green geometric bowls mixed with a simple linear box.  It is nice to consider pieces that are both beautiful and functional.   A stack or two of favorite coffee table books is essential.  We also like objects that are traditional, yet eclectic, natural and organic such as these petrified wood sculptures on iron stands that we saw at the High Point market last fall.   A small flower arrangement or living plant can add the perfect finishing touch to complete the look.

What’s on the Table: 1. Arteriors, “Jordan Vase.”  2. Waylande Gregory dish. 3. Petrified wood on stand. 4. Mecox, bronze geometric frame coffee table. 5. Aeron Lauder ceramic bowl set. 6. Antique writing box from Antiques and Interiors at the Pavillion. 7. Windor Smith Homefront: Design for Modern Living on bookshelves April 2015.

Keep scrolling to see examples of coffee tables we have styled:





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“Function is just as important as aesthetics; but there is no reason why, if a problem is properly considered, function should in any way interrupt aesthetics. Very often the practical aspect of an idea can improve the aesthetic pleasure one gets from it. Function dictates design.” –David Hicks

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  1. So many beautiful coffee tables!!! We just did something similar last week…and already I’ve changed my coffee table again. It’s fun. Love your suggested items for display.

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