June 15, 2015

Children's Bedrooms

Designing Bedrooms for Children

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As is often true of raising them, designing bedrooms for children can be challenging. Their tastes change frequently and investing in pieces they are likely to spill on, tear up, or lose interest in can feel like a waste of time and money. However, we feel that the time spent designing a room for a child is time well spent. We all remember our childhood rooms. Those early environments shaped our attitudes about design and provided a haven for our everyday lives.

Knowing that your child’s preferences will change over time, it is best to focus on what they truly love when getting their input on the design of the room. To avoid a room they will tire of quickly, steer clear of “themes”. Instead, look for creative ways to incorporate the things your child is passionate about – be it a hobby, an interest, or a color palette – into their room design. Summer is a great time to work on your child’s room, below are a few designs that we have enjoyed creating for our young clients.


A trip to Africa was the inspiration for the above bedroom designed for a fledgling adventurer. The walls are covered in over-scaled blades of grass and colorful tree frogs hand painted by the talented artists at Segreto. Leather straps hold the canvas window shades, and custom furnishings complete this whimsical design.


As you can see, the above bedroom we designed for a client’s daughter was centered on one thing – the daughter’s love of purple. Although she is in her teens, we feel this room will transition easily to her college years and beyond.


For this boy’s room, we wanted to incorporate his love of sports into the design, but did not want the room to appear sports “themed”.  To achieve a more mature look, we framed several vintage sports magazine covers from his collection to hang as art and used neutral tones, along with his favorite team’s color…burnt orange.

Adult Bedrooms

The above rooms were designed for out of town grandchildren. As all grandparents can understand, our client’s goal was to make the rooms special and inviting so her precious ones would want to visit often. We made certain to keep the designs sophisticated enough that the rooms can double as guest rooms when needed.

Neutral Bedroom

A young client told us that “Lavender is the new beige.” How right she was! We find we are using it more and more in girls’ rooms who want a feminine space without using the color pink. The room above was full of great natural light, so it was easy to keep the space light and airy with lavender accents.

Lake House Bedroom

This boy’s bedroom/bunkroom was designed for a lake house just a few hours from Houston. Like many vacation-homeowners, our clients love to entertain and wanted to have a room that could sleep as many visitors as possible. With four bunks and a king bed, this bedroom is the perfect spot for guests to sleep and relax after a fun day in the sun!

Pink Bedroom

The room above was designed for a home in Kiawah. Our client preferred a more traditional and simple design scheme, while her daughters’ tastes leaned more towards bright colors. With the neutral background and the recurring use of two colors throughout the room, we were able to achieve a look that married both the owners’ conservative taste and her daughters’ love of bright colors in a way that is interesting without being overwhelming.

“My children are the reason I laugh, smile and want to get up every morning.” – Gena Lee Nolin

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