August 24, 2015

Summer Inspiration

Summer Inspiration

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Fall is just around the corner and we hope you have had a great summer.  Over the past few months the Lucas/Eilers staff has been fortunate to have the opportunity to enjoy vacation time in various parts of the world. From California to Italy, our travels have taken us to some incredibly beautiful places, all of which have provided abundant stimulus for our designs. We thought we would share a few of our favorite photos as well as some thoughts on how we were inspired by our explorations.

Melanie's Inspiration

Melanie’s Inspiration: “At the beginning of the summer, my husband and I took a trip to Florida. We spent some time in my hometown of Tallahassee and visited one of my favorite places – Maclay Gardens. It is one of the most inspiring places to me because every path is filled with such beauty and you can spend an afternoon “lost in the gardens.” There is no better inspiration than that of nature. Each time I visit, I am always captivated by the historic brick pavers throughout, they have such intriguing detail. After visiting Tallahassee, we went on to Seaside, which is always picturesque and full of color.”

Kelly's Inspiration

Kelly’s Inspiration: “I met up with my sister and friends in London for a quick trip. Here I am at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London…. looking at jewelry from ancient times to present day. I spent hours in the silver exhibit- you could spend days in this museum! Evening museum visits are my favorite because you can really absorb your surroundings without fighting the crowd.”

Linley's Inspiration

Linley’s Inspiration: “This summer I enjoyed a fantastic trip to Venice and Florence with my mother. I found inspiration everywhere I turned, in the art, the architecture, and the landscape. I adored the vivid colors in the sparkling blue of the Venice lagoon, the rich jewel tones of the Ufizzi’s art treasures, the glowing gold leaf mosaics at St. Marks, and the invigorating green of the Boboli Gardens. The intricate details of the cities’ distinctive architecture were also astounding. The elaborate windows of Venice’s palaces, Brunelleschi ‘s soaring Duomo dominating the Florence skyline, St. Mark’s magnificent bronze horses, and Ghiberti’s Gates of Paradise were absolutely magnificent.”

Kiley's Inspiration[Source: 1, 2]

Kiley’s Inspiration: “After having dinner at The One & Only in the Bahamas, I came across an artist Jane Waterous and fell in love with her graphic style. I was inspired by her series ‘The Gatherings’ and hope to find a special place for one.”

Sarah's Inspiration

Sarah’s Inspiration: “Having taken a cruise to the Mediterranean that included Spain, France, Greece, Turkey and Italy earlier this year, I decided to use this summer as an opportunity to enjoy a “staycation” in my own backyard. We recently redesigned the space and it is one of my favorite places to spend time when I’m at home. From entertaining friends to relaxing with a good book, I always feel inspired in this tranquil atmosphere.”

Sandy's Inspiration

Sandy’s Inspiration: “I am always inspired by and in awe of nature. I have been fortunate this summer to fit in a little hiking while working on projects in Park City. I am also always on the look out for great local art and found this interesting canvas, “Far and Away,” by Mary Scrimgeour at Gallery MAR, which I think gives a fun nod to the West.”

Laura Beth's Inspiration

Laura Beth’s Inspiration: “After several summers without water, I have enjoyed spending time with family, friends and my lab Buckley at Lake Travis. It has been refreshing to see life breathed back in into this place that I love. A relaxing weekend at the lake is always good for the soul!”

Kate's Inspiration

Kate’s Inspiration: “While visiting family in San Francisco earlier this summer, we went to Sonoma for the day to attend a few vineyards’ ‘pick-up parties.’ These parties generally showcase newly released as well as library wines. I was inspired by the pairings the vineyards offered, as well as the music, the people, and of course the scenery.”

Liz's Inspiration

Liz’s Inspiration: “I love Italy! We were fortunate enough to tour several cities in Italy this summer with our church choir. One of the highlights was attending a mass presided by the Pope with our choir singing alongside the Vatican choir. Seeing the art of Michaelangelo, Bernini, Botticielli, Raphel and so many others was truly inspiring.”

Chelsi's Inspiration

Chelsi’s Inspiration: “Colorado is one of my favorite places in the world, and I am fortunate that my family feels the same way. Regardless of what time of year we visit, I am always inspired by the beautiful mountains and the incredible expanse of nature that is all around.”

Aileen's Inspiration

Aileen’s Inspiration: “Before moving to Houston earlier this summer, I attended the wedding of a good friend from design school, which took place at the Inn at Perry Cabin in St. Michael’s, Maryland (where ‘Wedding Crashers’ was filmed!). No detail was left unnoticed, from the blue and white ginger jars used for flowers, to the table settings, which included a single sage leaf placed on each guest’s menu.”

Faith's Inspiration[Source: 1, 2]

Faith’s Inspiration: “This summer I went to Florida with my family and we got to see some incredible architecture and design, including Flagler College and Casa Monica Hotel in St. Augustine, Florida. The design of these historic buildings was influenced by Spanish Renaissance architecture and was truly inspiring. A tour of the city gave us the opportunity to experience its rich history, which was a rare find.”

“The most beautiful thing in the world is, of course, the world itself.” – Wallace Stevens

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