September 8, 2015

Our Favorite Design Blogs

Our Favorite Design Blogs

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As any designer can tell you, inspiration can come from anywhere, at any time.  From having lunch at a new restaurant in town, to watching a beautiful French film, it is almost impossible not to feel inspired numerous times throughout the day.

In addition to the surroundings that inspire us, one of our favorite ways to see fresh ideas, concepts, and design schemes is through reading blogs that focus on interior design.  It is interesting to see elements from the perspective of other designers.  We are constantly amazed at the new posts and fabulous photos they come up with.  Although there are dozens of blogs we enjoy following, listed below are few of our favorites; along with what makes them special.  Of course we encourage you decide for yourself and click on the links to subscribe to the ones you love!


Founder: Stacey Bewkes

Why we love her blog: Started as a way to remain connected to the design world after leaving her job as an art director in NYC to live in Connecticut with her family, Stacey’s blog is filled with stunningly beautiful images of all things “lifestyle” – from interiors and art to fashion and architecture, we simply love Stacey’s sense of style!

Segreto SecretsSegreto Secrets

Founder: Leslie Sinclair

Why we love her blog: If you are interested in seeing amazing before-and-after photos, look no further than Leslie’s blog. Founder of Segreto Finishes, a firm that specializes in decorative painting, Leslie truly knows how to transform a space entirely with creative layers of paint!

Coco + KelleyCoco + Kelley

Founder: Cassandra LaValle

Why we love her blog: For those readers looking for a fresh spin on entertaining, fashion and more, Coco + Kelley is the perfect place to look. Her eye for “effortless sophistication” is unmatched, and we love seeing tips and ideas she comes up with each day!

Cote de TexasCote de Texas

Founder: Joni Webb

Why we love her blog: Joni Webb has a unique ability to always find the most beautiful projects to share on her blog. From small spaces to mansions, Joni’s blog is truly a treat for the eyes!

La Dolce VitaLa Dolce Vita

Founder: Paloma Contrera

Why we love her blog: One of our favorite elements of La Dolce Vita is the LDV Series. In particular, we love “The Style Files,” where Paloma interviews her favorite designers on topics such as where they find inspiration to how they unwind after a long day’s work!

Tobi FairleyTobi Fairley

Founder: Tobi Fairley

Why we love her blog: From her helpful how-to videos, to her astute business advice, Tobi Fairley’s blog provides a wealth of information for designers, business owners, and more!

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“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Design is knowing which ones to keep.” – Scott Adams

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