June 6, 2016

Elements and Principles of Design: Inspired by Vicente Wolf

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Today, as we near the halfway mark of this series on the elements and principles of design, we’re expanding our perspectives thanks to the very talented Vicente Wolf, whose incredible design portfolio has been recognized globally. In Wolf’s recently published book, “The Four Elements of Design,” he delves into his belief that the classical elements – earth, water, air, and fire – are the foundation of great interior design. Houston was lucky number one on Wolf’s book tour, and we had the pleasure of visiting with the designer during his short stay in the city.

Earth is comprised of interiors that use natural materials, like stone and wood, as their grounding characteristic. Water features rooms with timeless blue palettes. Air focuses on projects that feel open and filled with light. And Fire pulls together some of Wolf’s most dramatic creations.

When mixed in with the elements and principles that we’ve already highlighted (balance, harmony, texture, pattern, rhythm, scale and proportion), Wolf’s nature-inspired take on understanding great design inevitably (and drastically) flips the way we talk about good interiors. Design cannot truly be broken down into a set number of rules and guidelines. How we view and recognize what makes a room “work” is constantly evolving and changing, especially as we adopt new muses along the way (like nature, for example).

The featured projects, which are located all over the globe, are stunning. Wolf’s design is modern yet timeless, fresh, sophisticated, and so clearly inspired by his worldly travels.

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“The Four Elements of Design” is a must-have addition to any design-lover’s collection. We can’t stop flipping through it. You can grab your own copy here. Needless to say, we’ve been inspired as we continue in our discussion of the elements and principles. Join us next month as we move on to color within design.


“The most successful interiors soothe the senses and allow us to be ourselves.” – Vicente Wolf


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