September 18, 2017

Beating the Summer Heat, Part 2: Aspen

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As summer is coming to a close, we are reflecting on the ways we were able to “beat the summer heat”.  In Houston we enjoy visiting our favorite museums, soaking in the pool, and indulging in a bit of retail therapy, but the very best way to “beat the heat” is to simply get out of town! Full of history, art, beautiful shops and restaurants, Aspen is always one of our favorite destinations.

This time of year as you walk the streets of Aspen, there are beautiful flowers lining the sidewalks and talented musicians can be heard on every corner.

With its unique architecture and the mountains as a backdrop, the Aspen Art Museum is a new “must-see” destination. The current exhibit, Wade Guyton Peter Fischli David Weiss, is interesting and admission is to the museum is always free!

Surrounding the entire exterior of the museum is a woven wooden screen made of a composite material called Prodema—a dual-sided wood veneer with a substructure of an amalgam of paper and resin. The architect for the project, Shigeru Ban, completed the interior and exterior of the museum in Summer 2014.

The building-wide exhibition by Swiss artists Peter Fischli and David Weiss and American artist Wade Guyton.

{Photo Source: Aspen Art Museum Website}

{Photo Source: Aspen Art Museum Website}

SO is your reward for climbing the monumental staircase. The restaurant has a simple but fresh menu and beautiful views of Aspen Mountain and Independence Pass.

Forre & Co. is just one of the many exceptional fine art galleries. Located on East Hyman Avenue, it features work by almost 50 artists. The art pictured below are some of our favorite pieces from Cecil Touchon and Matt Baumgardner.

The living room. {Photo Source: Hotel Jerome Website}

The historic architecture and design of Hotel Jerome makes it our favorite place to stay. The original structure was built in 1889.  Known as Aspen’s “Crown Jewel”, Hotel Jerome has long been the center of the town’s social life.

The repetition of one of our favorite Urban Electric Co. light fixtures installed in the restaurant creates a warm glow in the space.

In 2012, Auberge Resorts hired the well-known hospitality designer, Todd Avery Lenahan to complete a huge renovation, which honors the historic integrity of the hotel. We find it interesting to compare the photos of the structure from centuries ago to the way it looks today.

Guest suite. {Photo Source: Hotel Jerome Website}

It’s great to beat the Houston heat and visit “cool” locations.  And we always enjoy learning the history behind the design.  Aspen attracts many design professionals that have made the city what it is today.  We look forward to returning very soon.

“Art brings imagination to life” Robert Lee Munoz

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