July 17, 2019


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Summer ideas for your Home Office Work Space

With summer well underway, many of us find that re-designing and organizing our home office space is a great way to get a jump on the commitments that will inevitably come with the arrival of Fall. No matter how lovely your work space might be, it seems we all hit a point where a fresh and exciting new look is in order!

Home Office space
Photography above: Gordon Beall
It goes without saying that  your home work space should be comfortable, effective and organized, but it should also be inspiring. The space where you accomplish all the things necessary to run a home, keep up with family and friends, plan your travels, follow up on your finances, volunteer your time and manage all correspondence and engagements, is an essential part of your life and home.

Home office space
Photography: Michael Baxter
Whether it is a small corner of your kitchen, or a well-equipped designated room, we all know the aesthetics of our work space greatly affects our productivity and aptitude to tackle projects. Below are a few tips we would like to share for creating or refreshing your home office.

Bright and airy, pastel colored office space
Photography: Julie Soefer
Think of your color palette; soothing tones help inspire clarity and focus instead of creating a distraction. Consider access to natural light which automatically boosts creativity and increases focus; and don’t forget to add sufficient task lighting.

Bright and colorful home office space

Ample and smart storage solutions are a prerequisite to keeping everything neat and tidy. We should never underestimate how much orderliness and organization can add to our productivity. 

Photography: Ryann Ford
Appropriate seating is the key to comfort and small indulgences such as fresh flowers, your favorite candle, or a small box of chocolates can help entice you to spend more time thriving at your desk.

Photography: Michael Baxter
Does your home office have any special properties that help your creativity flourish and your productivity soar? If so, we’d love to hear about it!

 “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein

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