April 22, 2020


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That’s exactly when our Lucas/Eilers Design Associates adventure begun. It’s been quite a wonderful ride, with many exciting challenges and firsts. And here we are, 25 years later, charting new territory yet again. This unique time has us working from home, social distancing, and relying on phone, email and video conferencing to communicate with our teams, clients and vendors. Reflecting on the past two and a half decades, several milestones come to mind…

Lucas/Eilers Design Associates founded, 1995 – we first met in Design School at the University of Texas, and after 15 years of working together at Bryan Design, we decided to start our own firm specializing in classic interiors. The overarching vision was – and still remains – to create timeless and imaginative interior spaces.

ASID Award, 1997 – the first of many awards we have been honored to receive and the first of numerous publications who have kindly featured our projects over the years, for which we are truly grateful. 

Website launch, 2009 – below left is the portrait taken for our first website. Carl Moore graciously agreed to let us use his gallery in the Decorative Center as a backdrop. It’s funny that in every photo we have had taken together, we always show up in complementary colors that have not been planned. After working together for so many years, we can almost read each other’s minds!
(photos left to right: 2009, 2011, 2014)

Luxe Showhouse, 2013 – we loved designing the dining space in the Luxe Magazine and Preservation Houston Villa de Luxe Showhouse in a stunning 1920s-era Venetian Revival-style estate in Shadyside, one of Houston’s oldest and most exclusive neighborhoods. We were honored to support the worthy cause it benefited and had a marvelous time assisting with the home’s reverential transformation.

Habitat for Humanity, 2015 – to celebrate our 20th anniversary, we decided to “pay it forward” by volunteering our time with Habitat for Humanity to complete one of their houses. We enjoyed applying the principles and elements of design while developing a strong client relationship that works for projects of every scale. 

With our Habitat client, the Jenkins family
Working on the job site

Office expansion to the Decorative Center Houston, 2016 – after continuing to expand our office space on Augusta for over 20 years, we found the perfect spot where we could better organize our areas and work more efficiently.   

“Expressive Interiors. Designing an Inviting Home”, 2020 – our first book, published by Rizzoli, will be released this Fall. We couldn’t be more excited!

Available for pre-order here

Looking back at the last 25 years has been a fun trip down memory lane. But we couldn’t have done it without the wonderful people around us.

2016 TCAS dinner Sandy Lucas, Bunny Williams, Sarah Eilers, Ellie Cullman

To our clients: We are so appreciative and honored to work with you. Thank you for your belief in us and our abilities to help realize the spaces that you dream of.

To our partners: We would like to thank all the vendors and artisans we collaborate with to deliver the incredible results to our clients. We are so proud to work with you. 

To our team members, past and present: Building and sustaining a successful design firm requires many years of diligent work from talented people. We are so grateful for the opportunity to work with a continuous group of gifted and passionate people who share our dream of creating beautiful and functional interior landscapes.

Lucas/Eilers team: Allison Anderson, Melanie Anderson, Monica Artigas, Christen Bernard, Lauren Beath, Michelle Beaumier, Libba Blalock, Erin Burkett, Liz Butler, Hannah Burnett, Ann Cohen, Julia Cole, Lizzy Conner, Chelsi Davis, Julie Dodson, Audrey Drought, Ellen Eilers, Jim Eilers, Marianna Giblin, Lisa Guedry, Laura Gorham, Sara Hilary, Abby Kimbell Holmes, Kelly Hulse, Sari Imber, Kiley Jackson, Pam Lamp, Paulina Lewinska, Meg Lonegran, Sallie Mansell, Jessica Marshall, Jane McCarroll, Kate McCarthy, Alison Meyer, Olivia Mijares, Julie Nalley, Cheryl Costa Price, Mary Lee Pyle, Laura Beth Rickaway, Clare Smith, Jill Smith, Linley Stroud, Chandler Sulton, Lisa Susman, Kelly Walker, Aileen Warren, Terra Weidner, Carol Vickery, Jill Zwahlen

Thank you for an amazing 25 years… here’s to celebrating the next successful chapter together!

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
– Lao Tzu

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