February 12, 2021

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All You Need Is Love (And a Splash of Red)

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We can hardly believe it’s February! Our team has been settling in to a busy new year and we hope this finds you doing the same. We look forward to the months ahead and to an eventual return to gatherings with the friends and family we hold dear. Until we can share the love in person, we’re going to share it here and we’re kicking things off with a few of our favorite Valentine’s-inspired tips for designing with the color red. Enjoy!

Photography: Peter Molik

Mix Things Up

Red is a stimulating color often associated with passion and emotional energy. Although it’s a go-to for many, some homeowners worry its vibrant nature might overpower a room.

It’s important to remember that color is endlessly variable and that there are countless shades for you to choose from! We suggest weaving different tones throughout the space for an added sense of depth. Blending shades of ruby, rust and merlot in varied patterns and textures quickly softens everything up!

red wallpaper library bookshelves
Books and antique elements make a splendid statement against shelves backed with GP & J Baker paper
Photography: Julie Soefer

Dip Your Toe

If red hasn’t fully stolen your heart, it’s never a bad idea to take baby steps. Place thoughtful pops of red throughout an otherwise neutral interior or select accessories that can easily be swapped out throughout the year. This allows you to enjoy the charm of a rosy palette while also having the freedom to change things up from season to season!

mix red colors living room
The family room of this mountain home stays visually warm year round with the rich red color found in the details of the custom rug by Matt Camron Rugs and the rich wool fabrics from Holland and Sherry.  Photography: David Marlow

Cozy Up to Earth Tones

Red is inherently warm and welcoming but it’s important to find the right shade if you plan to use it in a room designated for rest and relaxation. If you’re considering red for your bedroom, we suggest exploring earthen shades like terracotta, umber, or burgundy. These colors lend a refined sense of comfort and intimacy, playing nicely within a neutral palette without overwhelming.

red bedroom design
Photography: Stephen Karlisch

Dive Right In

If bold interiors make your heart sing, consider red your one true love and go big! With so many different shades to choose from, you’re bound to find one that suits your space.

red pattern wallpaper dining room design
A Christopher Farr wallcovering in color “Poppy” gives a sense of whimsy to this dining room which features comfortable upholstered seating by LEE Industries.
Photography: Stephen Karlisch

We enjoy creating special rooms within a home that stand out from the rest and love using red to bring these spaces to life! Its dynamic composition makes it particularly well-suited for areas where you entertain as well as those where you complete household chores. Who couldn’t use a little more pep in their step on laundry day?

red runner stairwell
A handwoven runner in cranberry and other bold complementary colors from Matt Camron Rugs enhances the stairwell of a Park City home. See more in Expressive Interiors: Designing an Inviting Home.
Photography: Stephen Karlisch
Whether it’s through a daring use of color or pulling in dramatic patterns and textures, we hope these tips serve as an invitation to explore and try something new. The love you share with (and within) your home is a magnificent journey, so let your hair down and have a little fun!
Photography: David Marlow
“Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone – we find it with another.”
– Thomas Merton

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